Putting your house on sale and getting ready to transfer will always be a big challenge. As a matter of fact, it can be very overwhelming if it’s discovered that your house has a foundation issue. While the idea of repairing your home’s foundation to sell the property may sound disturbing, it does not have to be hard at all. You only need the assistance of a professional and highly reputable home foundation repair service provider to handle all the tasks for you. 

First, it is very tough, if possible, to sell your home with a current foundation issue, unless it’s to a cash homebuyer. However, if the party involved is the mortgage company, it almost certain that they would need your home’s foundation to be repaired first as an agreement of the loan. Even if the needed foundation repairs involved installing pilings or piers, they would basically require to be performed before closing. That is where a professional and highly reputable home foundation repair service provider comes into play.  

With that being said, they have the right knowledge, skills and enough years of experience to handle such work. In addition to that, the vast majority of the contractors are in a real estate contract. They either inspect the house per request of the buying side or the selling side. Either way, they perform a comprehensive and free evaluation of the site drainage as well as the foundation. Aside from that, they will also let you know if the repairs are required or not.  

If the foundation repairs are required, they will then put together the plan of repair which includes the engineering reports prior and after the repair as needed for lender requirements and local permits, as well as the plumbing test. Therefore, if you are in the process of selling or buying a house, and you think that there may be some problems with the site drainage or the foundation, you should contact and hire a professional and experienced home foundation repair service provider such as foundation repair NYC for early inspection, free evaluation and possible repairs.  

Do Water Leaks Affect the Performance of Your Home Foundation? 

Of course. Any kind of water entry below your foundation can actually affect its performance. Clay is a costly type of soil and that means that the volume of soil alters with the moisture content since the clay soils shrink as they dry out. Too much moisture can definitely cause your foundation to rise or heave upwards. If the level of moisture content is somehow controlled, your foundation will flex down and up seasonably within a reasonable level.  

However, if your foundation flexes too much down or up, repairs will be needed. Typically, foundation settlement addressed by the installation of pilings or piers to lift and support your foundation. Major changes can be caused by incompetent surface drainage, from below slab leaks or ground water problems. Incompetent drainage can also be addressed with any type of drains. If the major changes are caused by water leaks, they need to be fixed by a professional plumbing service provider.