Are you thinking of having a stucco project? Then, you should be hiring a professional and experienced stucco service provider for effective and best results. As a matter of fact, if your place has a lot of them, it can actually be overwhelming to pick one. Choosing an inexpensive service provider may only give you low-quality results. The following are some tips on how to avoid such things when hiring a stucco contractor: 

  1. Check Contractor Credentials

You must always inquire service providers like NYC stucco repair of their certifications and licenses. In addition to that, they must also have the appropriate credentials for their offered services. The, you can verify these credentials through the local business authority and the bureau can give further contractor details such as client feedback, business ratings and existing projects. 

  1. Seek References and Referrals

You can start your search by asking referrals to close friends and family members. There is also a chance that your neighbors and friends might have worked with a highly reputable service provider and if they do, you may ask about their experience working with them. Having said that, this can apply for the previous clients of the service provider. A good service provider can give you their client details as well as show some project photos. 

  1. Work with Insurance

Even with licensed and professional service providers, unfortunate accidents do happen while working on a stucco project. With that being said, there can be instances of damaged furniture, ceilings and some other things. For an ensured safety, you must ask the service provider if they are insured by a certain insurance company. An insured service provider can cover all property damages or any other issues pertaining to the project. 

  1. Inquire Service Process

It’s also very necessary to know how the service provider performs their job. Hence, you must take some time to ask questions regarding their work procedures. A professional and experienced service provider must tell you the products and equipment to be used. Also, they should offer valuable recommendations and advises while respecting your project necessities. 

  1. Compare Various Bids

You must meet at least 3 different service providers personally for their bids and offers. Accept only bids which are well-written with all of the project information. When comparing project bids, you should go for the company which values high-quality results with reasonable costs. 

Tips on How to Fix Damaged Stucco 

Stucco is basically a wall covering which can be used for interior and exterior walls. Most business or homeowners usually find it important to fix their stucco, either because of the weather damages and cracks visible on your wall or due to the unsightly alterations to the appearance of the structure. An owner of a property who has basic equipment can usually do small repairs or contact a professional local stucco service provider. Furthermore, the process may involve prepping the area that needs to be patched, applying 3 layers of stucco, and texturing the final layer to mix with the pre-existing stucco, then a paint or sealant can be used.