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Schuetzen- circa 1900-1910
SN 43

Barrel in Gold: R. Trostel - Cannstait
Action: Otto Lutz - Cannstait

8.15x46R (0.316" Grove Diameter)
Barrel is 28", LOP is 13", Weight is 10 pounds

Comes with ammo.
$6400 (R184)
email for additional pictures and description




Merkel 96K Drilling
Stock # C264
12x12 GA (3" chambers) over 9.3x74R
with 6 choke tubes - Cyl/IC/IM/M/F/XF

POR - Email for photos
Original Owner with import documents.




Krieghoff – Trumpf Dural Drilling

12 x 12 3” over .243 Win.
Engraving: Roe Buck / Flying Bird
Claw Mount Kahles Scope 1.1-4.5 x 20 #7, 4 post with cross hairs
.22 Mag. “Extra” insert (see target) with butt storage

Butt Trap
Krieghoff Leather Oak Case
J-Mar Best Price = $9,500
Replacement is $28,000




Krieghoff Neptun Primus
Detachable Sidelock
20/20 Ga. (76mm = 3”) over .30-06
25” Barrels; LOP 14 ¾”
Chokes Mod. Right and Left (.022)
Weight: 8 pounds without scope; 9 lbs, 2 oz with scope
Bohler/AMTINIT Steel Barrels

Scope: Zeiss, 1.5-6x German #4, Rail on Krieghoff Claw Mounts

Fine Arabesque with 6 Birds (Chuckers?) on Left Plate and 5 Ducks in swamp on Right Plate

Upgrade with skip line checkering, Tru-Oil Finish by Factory, Brown Recoil Pad

Gold Triggers (Front Set Trigger) and Gold Line Barrels,
No Cheek Piece – for Right or Left Hand Shooter.
Case: Krieghoff Custom Oak Leather
$16,000 (C223) SN 700xx

email Joe at for complete set of photos




Barrels   Wood I Wood II

The Quadro (Optima) Drilling is here!
Endless Versatility

12 GA. by 12 Ga. (3" Chambers) over .30-06
21.5" Barrels, Standard Engraving, 100% Nickel Metal Finish,
optional Siderib, Wood Upgrade
(CN 206) Was Under List Price

NEW PRICE: $10,625




Whole Drilling

The price is justified by its excellent condition


Preowned Hunting Guns


Full View - Left Side
Full View - Right Side
Stock - Right Side
Wood - Left Side

NEW imported directly from Germany
Heym O/U Double Rifle
Model 26B in 8x57 IRS shown

Adjustable iron sights and Tang cocking/safety

Right Plate: 2 amimals red deer, buck with doe and forest background
Left Plate: 2 animals - boars with forest background

Euro style Stock, tru-oil finish with upgraded Euro walnut
Scope: KAPS (German) 1-4x 22 German #4, 30 mm tube on quick release bridge mount.
Heym long case

New Price = SOLD (RN174)


Client Feedback

R171 Merkel Full Wood Stock O/U Rifle: The rifle really is one of those older classic German doubles that is always a pleasure to own and shoot...a rifle with "soul" if you will. - Gordon G., Los Gatos, CA
Gordon is a repeat client - He is in possession of my favorite Sodia combo

Thanks for your "easy payment" plan. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new (to me) drilling
Ken J., MO

I have been speaking about the versatility of a drilling/combo rifle-shotgun for years. But, this is a new one for me, as Mike V. writes Kettler 12 over 7X65 has been a joy to own and shoot and I thank you for encouraging me to buy it.I call it my Saturday gun because I always bring it hunting on Saturdays when with so many hunters in the woods you never know when the whitetail will zoom by close and you really need the buckshot barrel.

Mike does it again
Well Joe, I had to let you know that the 12 over 7.65R continues to prove its value. Last season I shot a buck at about 120 yards with the rifle barrel as it stood just inside the pasture line at my favorite hunting spot. As the buck dropped he turned towards the wood line and dropped into a large honey suckle bush. He flushed a big hen turkey! It launched and flew at about 25 feet directly across the pasture towards my stand. I knew I did not have enough time to find it in the scope so I sighted down the side of the barrel and pulled that back trigger, dusting that hen and dropping it about thirty feed out from my stand.
This Spring I added solid non expanding bullets to my ammo lineup and the Kettner has become my Spring Turkey gun..
Thanks again for your sage advise.
Mike V

"C221" the drilling is a work of art. I love it..the wife wants to know if you have any other drilling as nice shape as this, she wants one now. I can't believe this
UPDATE October, 2007 one thing the drilling I got from u is shooting 1/2 groups at 50 yards (9.3x72R) with hawk 200 grain bullets I sent my friend proof marks on gun barrel sights are on point of aim!
---Joe C, Alaska

Re: The Tiger Drilling
Hello Joe. I just wanted to send this e-mail to say again thankyou in letting me pay of the tiger drilling on layaway and coming up Friday evening to collect thedrilling. Also thank you for acquiring the dies andthe cast of the chamber. I really appreciate this.Once again thanks for everything
It's a show stopper at the range!

--Ralph L.

Joe, got back one week ago from S. Af. & Namibia. Hunted w my two drillings, shot 16 different species of birds (various Francolins, spurfowl, ducks/geese, quail, guineas, doves & pigeons). Shot a nice Kudu in Namibia, didn't get a Gemsbock, but only hunted plains game to 2.5 days. It was a wonderful trip & the drillings really proved their versatility & reliability (one Krieghoff, 12x12, 7mmx65R, one Besselar, 16x16, 9.3mmx74R).

Take care,
- Mark E.

Will forward a few hundrend each month, as promised, together with periodic larger payments until she is paid in full. Am grateful to you for your generosity in letting me do it this way.

Many thanks and all the best,
- John


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